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Environmentally conscious mindset change
by recycling plastic waste

Plastic profiles are produced by recycling plastic waste via extrusion and pressing. Main components are polyethylene and polypropylene.

Recycled plastic products are extremely resistant against weather, parasites, molds and other pathogens. This mixed material also has excellent physical and mechanical parameters.


Elements should be stored on pallets or even horizontal surface supporting the full lengths of the element.

Please note, that direct exposure to sun may impact the colour of the exposed elements.


Fixings should be formed with mechanic fastenings /metric and wood screws/.

Make sure you do not overfasten, preferably self-closing nuts are to be used!

In case of alternative fastening method allow adequate dilatation.
Do not glue, , weld or solder the elements! Sticking can be used as additional fastening, filling up fitting gaps.
If you wish to use the elements as structural or weight holder, please contact us for consultation.
Colour can be minimally changed during the years, as a result of exposure to weather, this is a normal process.


6mm/100cm at Δ40°C

Recycled plastic elements are stable, however tipically deflect more, than classical wood. Thus, in case of using them as terrace, floor, pier or ship deck, support points should be planned by  30-40 cm-s.

Heat stability is guaranteed between -30 and +70 C, temperatures beyond this treshold may result in temporary deformation.

These characteristics should be taken into consideration when assembling and fixing them to existing structures!

If in doubt, please contact us!



All our pructs are durable, maintenance-free, solid and washable.

They are resistant to weather, rotting, molding and insects.

Our products are prepared from 100% recycled, communal and industrial plastic waste.

Due to the nature of the raw material and production methodology, inhomogenity in material and colour can be observed ont he surface, this is normal and has no impact ont he quality of the product.

All our products are covered by 12 mths of distributors’ and 12 years of manufacturer’s guarantee.

In case of complaint, questions or doubts – please contact us!