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About Us Ltd

Our mission is that – while creating durable, multipurpose, nice and useful products – we reduce our ecological footprint, protect our Globe to ensure, that the next generations could also enjoy a livable evironment.

By purchasing from us you help supporting this goal – thank you!
Recycling plastic has many benefits: - újrahasznosított műanyag - előnyök

Cost effective - újrahasznosított műanyag - előnyök

Reduce the quantity of waste - újrahasznosított műanyag - előnyök

Replaces wood - újrahasznosított műanyag - előnyök

Extremely durable - újrahasznosított műanyag - előnyök

Maintenance-free - újrahasznosított műanyag - előnyök

UV resistant - újrahasznosított műanyag - előnyök

Easy machinability - újrahasznosított műanyag - előnyök

Can be painted

Some ideas – what can recycled plastic be used for?
  • fences
  • electric shepherd columns
  • roadsides
  • paddocks
  • high beds
  • composters
  • retaining walls
  • outdoor furnitures
  • sandpits
  • piers
  • lorry platforms
… and many others


Holistic garden architect, having expertise also in other fields, a real 21st century polymath. Couple of successful cooperation with Alex led to common thinking, friendship than a business cooperation was formed – now is the exclusive distributor of Gerab.


Brings her decades of multinational business experience in the cooperation, combining the rational business thinking with a female angle and intuition.


Owner and leader of Gerab Ltd, a plastic recycling company since 2004. He was a visioner seeing the opportunity in this segment far ahead of others. He has ample experience in producing an ever extending portfolio of wood replacing products both for domestic and also for foreign partners.